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Naturally Curious

Welcome to S3 Adventures, a unique company that is all about sharing the experience of exploring the great outdoors. We believe that there are many curious explorers out there that lack equipment, experience, or know-how and we would like to "Bridge That Gap" (Pun Intended). 

There are people that love to camp, kayak and just explore Indiana's wildlife and waterways.  This is the person we are searching for. Maybe that person is you?  We here at S3 Adventures offer you the ability to enjoy all that nature provides in a safe, relaxing and peaceful environment not typically traveled by others. 

We are an adventure consulting and equipment rental company that can offer you a very unique camping and traveling experience.  This concept was created when my wife and I were trying to figure out what to do with all of this extra camping and kayaking gear we own but weren't using. We combined that with our love to travel and created S3 Adventures Kayak and Camping Equipment Rental & Consulting. The travel options that are available to you when you book with us are unique, affordable, and adaptable to your travel goals.  There are short, introductory kayak travels available. There are full day trips available. We also do the all inclusive over-night travel adventure.  This is the marque traveling experience as it is customized to your needs. With this package you get to pick your Indiana waterway, creek, or river (assuming kayaks can safely travel there).  You can also decide on how comfortable you want to sleep. sleeping bags, 

This customized kayak tour can be a previous adventure that is noted for features and scenery or it can be a completely new and untraveled experience that we have yet to conquer.  There are always inherent risk to outdoor adventures and S3 Adventures wants you to know that in advance.  We try to minimize the risk while Maximizing the fun.  My wife and I have many adventures under our belts and would love to share this knowledge with others.  

If you are the adventurous type but are missing the knowledge, know-how, or equipment to take such adventures then please contact us today for a trip you won't soon forget.  Maybe you have all of that, but someone you know is missing somethings. We are your destination for that.  I have all the resources needed to complete a trip on any number of rivers and creeks in Indiana and the Mid-west.

The experiences that I have had on the river has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.

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